Drive Up

Unlimited 24/7 access available.

Typically largest units available.

Immediate access to unit/ door

Individual units, multi buildings.

Only door exposed to weather.

Average cost.

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Drive Up Containers

Storage of greatest variety of goods allowed.

Unlimited 24/7 access available.

Individual Units 5ft X 8ft and 7ft X 12ft.

Immediate access to unit/ door.

Least costly (on site)

Interior (non-heated)

Load off areas assists with adverse weather conditions and allows for thoughtful, strategic packing of unit.

All units are very close to load off area.

Twice the protection (away from elements) You lock your unit and we lock exterior doors.

Clean, well-lit area.

Affordable cost.

Interior (Heated & Vented)

Gives you all the benefits of Interior storage plus:

Better protection from the elements.

Protected from temperature cycles

Less chance of goods warping, cracking or splitting, corroding or yellowing.

Premium cost.

Self  Storage:

5 Different Unit Types and 17 Different Sizes Available.

On site management from 9am to 5pm weekdays. Units as small as 4ft X 8ft and as large as 15ft X 22ft. Wide driveways to units/ buildings for large truck access. Forklift service available.

Most interior units offer load-off area to accommodate for inclement weather conditions and strategic packing of unit.

Containers (In warehouse)

Individual storage.

Once packed, your goods can be shipped to any major centre in North America

Loading could be done at your place or ours.

Optional self pick up and delivery available.

Eliminates having to load and unload twice.

Accessible during regular business hours while in storage.

Please store all goods properly. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you by providing you with some direction in this regard.

Safestor® Protection

Safestor Protection. Don’t leave your goods uninsured. A large number of home insurance providers do not cover goods while in storage.

Call 905-735-9991 for details.

Safestor Mobile. Ask about our portable storage insurance and equipment damage waiver. Call 905-735-9991 for details